Update: It’s a boy!!

26804786_144516246339701_6129875215219691962_nWas hoping to update a few days back but I was in Corpus with my daughter and her boyfriend welcoming into existence my grandson Isaik Nicholas Hadley who was born 1/18/2018 at 12:55AM. We were initially told that he may be born with either intestinal blockage or a nerve disease, either of which may have involved surgery. Fortunately all is well as of today and hopefully he will be home tomorrow.

I will be updating tomorrow and I will be sending out a group email pertaining to free advertisement and classifieds by Monday night.

Until then….welcome Isaik!!!!


Free Advertisement and Classified Ads

Screenshot (100)Print Publication Update:
For the promotional issue, released March 2018, we are giving away free classified ads and a few ad spaces on a limited bases. In exchange for this free service we ask that, when the promo issue is out, you distribute a number of copies as you so wish. Also, promoting your ad or classified on social media with the hashtag #sphota-meraki will also help get the word out for yourself as well as us. And we will do the same back as well. We want you to be able to give these away to your clients, customers or further business associates. This publication is just by word of mouth and is being built up by the community of like minded individuals. Continue reading “Free Advertisement and Classified Ads”


Name: Sphota-Meraki (meaning)
Promotional Issue: #00
Release Date: 3/2018
Page Count: 24
Circulation: 3000+
Distribution: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Victoria
– Promotional issue will be primarily be distributed through advertisers and contributors, special events and few locations. More info on that coming soon.
Content: See below


There will be six sections in the publication. In the dropdown menu above, these sections have been divided and will, eventually, house articles that will appear in the print publication. A brief description is below and further info will be included in the actual print publication along with sample articles and info.

1. Consciousness – Aspects of religion and spiritual understanding.
2. Ecology – Aspects dealing with the flora and fauna. Animal rights issues and environmental concerns
3. Healing – Physically and mentally, traditional and holistic. Continue reading “UPDATE ON PRINT PUBLICATION”

Mystic Market at Blue Star Arts Complex

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Sat Dec 30th vending @mysticmarket @bluestarartscomplex in @sanantoniotx

Screen-printed shirts, buttons, totes, tapestries, hand-painted fans, concrete art and more. Next shows below….

  • 1/13 – AUSTIN – Gypsy Market – FB Event Pg
  • 1/14 – SAN MARCOS – Metaphysical & Holistic Fair FB Event Pg


Meaning of Sphota-Meraki

SPHOTA-MERAKI is the continuation of Along Your Path, both online as well as in print.

SPHOTA – “That from which the
meaning bursts forth.”
MERAKI – “The creative essence of
putting yourself into your work.”

Meaning behind SPHOTA:
The word sphota can be traced back to various Indian philosophers such as Pânini and Patanjali, but is most notable through Bhartrihari  (450—510 C.E.) and his theory associated with it in his writings, Vākyapadīya (treatise on words and sentences).
In a discussing with Steven J. Rosen, Continue reading “Meaning of Sphota-Meraki”

New Beginnings

Isn’t it funny that all ‘Beginnings” are just a reiteration of what has been before?! Yet it is always redefined and brought into a new light for further exploration and deeper analysis.

With that being said a new chapter is unfolding.

TWO STONED BIRDS have been doing shows in and around South Texas, mainly San Antonio and Houston and have been connecting with a lot of amazing people and a lot of talented and creative people throughout. We will continue selling our merchandise at selected events and are in the process of bringing new designs and products to the masses.

PRINT PUBLICATION: Yeah, this has been a continuous loop for sometime, mainly in me trying to figure out howto bring into creation a print publication for mass distribution. Well….here I am again in regards to ‘trying’ to bring this into fruition. Yet this time, this time the funds are in place for this to transpire into more than just an idea. It was funny cus earlier today I realized that little under a year ago I posted an updated article on Sphota-Meraki, the initial title of the next print publication. Keeping that name is still up in the air but the initial meaning is there. I will say that by the end of Feb 2018, there WILL BE a print publication! So stay tuned.

SOUNDCLOUD PLAYLISTS: I have slowly been building up various playlists that include a variety of musicians and bands that create music with meaning. Along with the print publication, more information will become available on the music we include on our playlists. For now you can check out the HIP-HOP Soundcloud Playlists below…