Updated: 9/10/17 – We will be setting up our booth at the following events. More events will be available in the future, so check back to see where we will be. We set up at various events in Victoria, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin and Houston. GREEN indicated we are set for that show. BLACK is unconfirmed.

Pics and info on our merchandise are located at this link. Thanks

  • 9/16 – SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Pagan Pride Day FB Event
  • 9/24 – SAN ANTONIO – Punk Rock Flea Market @ Korova FB Event Page
  • 10/1 – SAN ANTONIO – Coexist Festival @ Black Swan Event Page
  • 10/14 – SAN ANTONIO – Open Air Market, Car Meet and BBQ Event Page
  • 10/22 – SAN ANTONIO – The Psychic Faire at The Black Swan Inn
  • 11/10-11 – HOUSTON – For the Community 14 FB Event

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10 Websites on Environmental and Animal Welfare News

floralfauna (2)There are a lot of sites out there that you can find information when it comes to issues relating to animals and the environment. Below are a few that have a wide variety of articles and links to news stories, keeping you informed about the flora and fauna of this world.  ShortURL:


About:  “Online newspaper and news resource that brings its readers up-to-date information on environmental issues throughout the world….provides an interesting mix of environmental news stories that will provoke thought as well as being an important source of environmental information and opinion.” Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Ambient Chill/Trance Music

Few picks that I’m currently listening to while working on some eBay store listings. Enjoy


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Differences Between Conspiracy Theories and Intelligent Skepticism – VIDEO

It’s easy to fall into the conspiratorial world these days. It’s best to step back and seek out an intellectual skepticism towards things.
From: School of Life YouTube Channel

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Missing Texas Chiropractor and Strange Incidences of Holistic Practitioners

medicalsymbolUPDATE May 22, 2017: Dr. Towery’s vehicle was found Sunday May 7th and the only lead police have offered is that he was possibly last seen talking with someone on the rural road his truck was found

Ok….this article is just going out on a limb in look into various dealings of doctors, who have been turning up missing or dead over the past two years. This is brought on by a local story of a chiropractor who’s been missing now for over three weeks, who I hope is found well and safe. More about Dr. Towery can be found below.

I’ve heard throughout the years about different medical professions, who deal with “alternative” healing, in one shape or form, turning up dead or missings, but not until a story happened close to home did I become interested in delving into this further. Now, in no way am I connecting the missing of Dr. Towery to the 60+ other deaths and missing reports out of respect for all involved, this is just to bring awareness to both issues, one…a missing person! Period. Continue reading

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Fish Daddy Glass and Top 5 Ways to Help You Get Inspired

fishdaddyFish Daddy Glass and Top 5 Ways to Help You Get Inspired

Fish Daddy Glass is the collaborated effort of “two guys looking to make great glass art” (aka Michael Fisher and Xavier Juarez) from the central Texas region. Saw these guys blowing glass a few days back at Art Haus@Pour Haus in New Braunfels (Between San Antonio and Austin) and was impressed by the quick items that were created, including glass pipes, necklace pieces and little animals. Continue reading

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Hip-Hop and Consciousness

Hip-Hop speaks about the struggles and issues within a given community, as well as the expression of accomplishments in life. For many it is a representation of their world and their vision of reality. Below are a variety of Hip-Hop artists that infuse the plight, as well as the powers, in their lives to express humanity with positive vibes.

FERAL THE EARTHWORMYouTube – WebsiteFacebook
Caught this guy both times in Houston at For The Community. Great Spoken Word Hip-Hop artist out of Austin.
Continue reading

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