Along Your Path / Two Stoned Birds Vendor Booth – UPDATED

Subject to change.

FEB 4 – CORPUS CHRISTI – Market at Rock City FB Community Page
– Our first endeavor into Corpus Christi. Look forward to this show, which is a monthly event. (Update: Had a good time at this family friendly outdoor market.It lightly rained half the day but didnt damper spirits. Will be back for next month.
– Coexist Fest Facebook Community Pg
– A monthly collection of vendors selling crystals and stones, jewelry, patches, art work, henna artist and more. (Update: This event is growing and growing each month. Great vendors. This month they had a Native American flute player, Hari Krishna devotees chanting and belly dancers! See this event only getting bigger!
FEB 12 – NEW BRAUNFELS – Art Haus at Poor Haus Facebook Community Pg
– A monthly art collective featuring local art and painting, jewelry, clothing and more. Also…its at a really cool bar! I will be there while my business partner will be at the show below….
***NEW LISTINGFEB 12 – AUSTIN – Valentine’s Full Moon Witches’ Market Facebook Community Pg
– Pagan/Wiccan items for sell. Potions, charms, amulets, clothing, tarot and more. Our first time there. 
FEB 18th – AUSTIN –
Art on Tap Art Market FB Community Page
– This will be our first event for JustMeEvents and we’re looking forward to it. They have shows throughout the month!
***NEW LISTING–MARCH 4 – CORPUS CHRISTI – Market at Rock City FB Community Page
– Monthly Market that is family friendly. Outdoors and a lot of vendors and food trucks. Looking forward to our second trip down there.
***NEW LISTING–MARCH 5 – SAN ANTONIO – Coexist Fest Facebook Community Pg
– We will be back for another great place where you can get a reading, get a henna tattoo and buy handmade products, including jewelry, clothing, soaps, candles and more.
MARCH 17-18 – HOUSTON – For The Community 13 FB Event
– Two venues and three stages with a variety of musical genres. Art and food vendors. Great event! I will be at this event both days while Carol does Sat show in Victoria.
MARCH 18 – VICTORIA – MD Shenanigans Fest Facebook Community Pg
– Raising awareness and funds for Myotonic Muscular Dystophy and Muscular Dystophy. Live music, food trucks, vendors. Contests, raffles and more!
APRIL 20 – SAN ANTONIO – NORML 4/20 Market and Party FB Event Pg
– Music, local craft, great finds and art organized by San Antonio Norml.

We are in the works for more shows in all the cities above as well as AUSTIN and VICTORIA. More coming soon.

Photos were from our first time putting up tent. We don’t fully cover it like this often and some events are just the tables.

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The Men of the Fifth World (2000)

fifthworldDocumentary: THE MEN OF THE FIFTH WORLD (2000)

A beautiful look into the history, beliefs and lives of the Aboriginal culture of Australia. An enchanting and mystical view of life through one of the elders, who shares his history with the filmmakers. A detailed story seen through the painted rocks left by their ancestors to the hunting methods used for survival. A look into their dance, their song, and their spiritual essence.

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Meaning of {sphota}

{SPHOTA} – “that from which the meaning bursts forth.”

{SPHOTA} is the continuation of Along Your Path, both online as well as in print.

Meaning behind {SPHOTA}:
The word sphota can be traced back to various Indian philosophers such as Pânini and Patanjali, but is most notable through Bhartrihari  (450—510 C.E.) and his theory associated with it in his writings, Vākyapadīya (treatise on words and sentences).
In a discussing with Steven J. Rosen, Continue reading

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New Page {sphota} and other endeavors…

First to direct you to {sphota} which you can find in the drop down menu section above or by clicking HERE. This is the direction I have been taking for some time now and now, I am including it here and will add to it in the weeks and months to come.

Pages and posts will be revamped in a way that is more suitable to what {sphota} will become.


Each MENU PAGE above will be revamped and started anew, which all content within each Continue reading

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Heavier bands that are of interest at moment 12/16/16


This band is no longer together but I found them while doing search on another band associated with this band, SHIVA IN EXILE as well as a band called SpiRitual. Formed in Germany in 1997 . Favorite song from them is “From the Goddess” which is a heavier version and a mix of “We All Come From the Goddess” from Moving Breath (YouTube) and the “Witches Chant”, which I remember from the band Inkubus Sukkubus (YouTube)

IN HEARTS WAKE – (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter)
Band out of Australia. Fell in love with their Earthwalker CD which came out in 2014. Really looking forward to seeing them when they come to the states in 2017.

Another band that is no longer together and only put one album out. Original singer for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and is now re-singing for them. This was one of the side albums before going back to Killswitch Engage. Had an opportunity to interview him when he was in Times of Grace. Great vocalist.

THE HEALING (Bandcamp) (Facebook)
Actually just found this band today when I was looking up links for previous bands listed above. Their “Elevate” CD came out earlier this year. From Canada. Really enjoying this first listen to them.

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Three bands Im totally digging at moment….

Havent posted any new music in a while so here I am posting on a few bands I caught live a few weeks back.


TRUNIVERSAL – (Website) (Facebook) (Soundcloud) (Twitter)
Met these guys back at a community festival in Houston a few weeks bank. Spoken Word/Hip-Hop/Ambient/Chill out of California. Really cool vibe all around.

POSITIVE DISTURBANCE – (Facebook) (Reverbnation) (Youtube)
Another band I caught at that Houston festival from Houston. Consciousness Alternative Hip-Hop.

THE DIGITAL WILD – (Website) (YouTube)
Austin based three piece I caught at a Standing Rock #nodapl benefit. Beautiful slow ambient Soulful music. Really digging their music especially Tall As Trees

More music can be found on your Soundcloud Page and Our Spotify Page Spotify URL

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Posted on December 5, 2016 by alongyourpath

So, yesterday the Department of the Army denied the approval of the easement in North Dakota ( 1 ). sacredSacred, yet to the applause of a lot of people that have been aware of this issue, this isn’t a victory, but a slight reminder that “this is the government and these are powerful oil and gas companies.”

Back in September, stemming from a federal judge declining the project (2). , Continue reading

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