Fairs, Fests, Pow-Wows, Meetings, Events – South Texas Area

coexist_world_peace_ii_decalUPDATED 11-15-2016

List of Regional Fairs, Festivals, Pow-Wows and Meetings in South Texas Area – Mainly Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Victoria and Points in Between.

(Note: I tried my best to find updated info on all events listed below. If you know of any event that should be listed please contact at ayppub@yahoo.com)

NOC 16th – CORPUS CHRISTI – Donation Based Yoga at the Downtown Farmer’s Market FB Event
NOV 17th – AUSTIN – A Night of Love: Music of the Middle East @ Bates Recital Hall FB Event
NOV 18th – SAN ANTONIO – Renaissance on the River FB Event
NOV 19th – CORPUS CHRISTI – Jewelry, Gem and Mineral Bazaar FB Event
NOV 19th – VICTORIA – The Great Art Scare @ Rosebud / DTBG
NOV 19th – SAN ANTONIO – Texas Body Paint Competition – Club Rio
NOV 19th – SAN ANTONIO – Reiki Fest @ ANDREIA- Hall and Events Center FB Event
NOV 19th – SAN ANTONIO – Fall 2016 Four Seasons Indian Market @ Mission San Juan FB Event
NOV 19th – SAN ANTONIO – Tribal Fusion Workshop With Aida Serpentine! FB Event
NOV 19th – AUSTIN – Chaos to Clarity Workshop FB Event
NOV 19th – AUSTIN – Chakra Basics Workshop FB Event
NOV 19th – AUSTIN – Monthly Spiritual Life Faire @ Nature’s Treasures FB Event
NOV 19th – AUSTIN – Pagan Pride Day @ Zilker Park FB Event
NOV 19th – AUSTIN – Standing Rock Benefit Show FB Event
NOV 19th – AUSTIN – MUSIC – Golden Dawn Arkestra FB Event
NOV 19th – CORPUS CHRISTI – Acro Yoga and Ale and MORE FB Event
NOV 20th – CORPUS CHRISTI – Gay Fest FB Event
NOV 20th – AUSTIN – Bohemian Market @ Nature’s Treasures FB Event
NOV 25-27th – SAN ANTONIO – 27th Annual International Peace Market FB Event
NOV 25 – HOUSTON – Pop Up Peace Fest FB Event
NOV 26th – HOUSTON – It’s a Pixie’s Framily Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown! FB Event
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Posted on December 5, 2016 by alongyourpath

So, yesterday the Department of the Army denied the approval of the easement in North Dakota ( 1 ). sacredSacred, yet to the applause of a lot of people that have been aware of this issue, this isn’t a victory, but a slight reminder that “this is the government and these are powerful oil and gas companies.”

Back in September, stemming from a federal judge declining the project (2). , we saw the Obama Administration order a temporary block on the pipeline. Yet Protectors at Standing Rock knew that was simply another tactic… distraction (which I feel did the trick because in the days that followed there were no discussion or stories online). Now, just a day after the Army Corps stated no grant was issued, we see the oil companies don’t care what they say.

In a statement from Energy Transfer Oil Company, “As stated all along, ETP and SXL are fully committed to ensuring that this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around Lake Oahe. Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way.” (3). “The Fight is Not Over” (4) replied SacredStoneCamp.com, something that those on the frontline already knew.

Now, a few things to consider……In September, the White House stated there was going to be a halt and we all saw it broadcast on the news. The same thing is happening now. People that rely on tid-bits of information believe that is all to the story. They are blind to what happens once the broadcast has ended. That being said, we are coming to realize a few factors….

1. As stated by the Energy Transfer press releases (link above) this is a “purely political action.” Obama will be out in a few weeks and Trump will take office.

2. Advisors to Trump aim to privatize oil reservations (5) that are governed by tribal leaders.

3. Just like the ongoing split within the First Nations in Canada (6) there are pro-DAPL within the tribal leaders as noted on CNN (7).

4. Tribal leader Dave Archambault III is asking non-Sioux to leave (8) yet many are stating the same thing, “Looks like we need more Water Protecters!” (9)

Now, the realization that Protectors will not leave and the companies won’t be stopping….a few things need to be addressed….

EDUCATE/INSPIRE: People need to understand and be knowledgeable on the issues at hand. On top of that, one needs to be inspired enough to look into something that they believe in. Not just in Standing Rock, but also in various other things going on in the world. The Southern Poverty Law Center has good resources on understanding the ongoings in North Dakota (10)

as well as learning about tolerance in general.

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt,” is one of the quotes from Gandhi that comes up in a fight against those that wish harm, in one way or another, against those that are deemed oppressed. Now, protesting does not equate rioting. And rioters do not and should not be tolerated. YET, there are those in the #NODAPL movement that believe that there are infiltrators within their camps. One of the Protectors I’ve been following, Dallas Goldtooth, told Democracy Now!, “…it’s pretty terrifying to know that there—that Dakota Access has infiltrators within our camp” (11). This was in response to an incedient in Oct. (12). Will there be future confrontations and how will they be dealt with on all sides of the issue?

BEYOND THIS PIPELINE: Since 2015, before the #NODAPL issue came about, the Keystone XL was stopped (13). People have started to realize the need to change from fossil fuels to a more environmentally friendly, and cost effective form of energy. Not only that, but the plight of Native Americans in general, as noted in a great piece here: (14). But beyond those two points there are many other items that will need to be addressed.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Just like after the debacle of the 2008 financial crisis, Iceland jailed those that were to blame… the bankers (15). In Sweden they took money from their shareholders (16)

. But not until you do your homework will you realize who those behind the oil and gas companies are and the ties they have. If you want to look, start with the Central Banking system.

To close…and in other words…..there’s still a lot more to come.


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Along Your Path / Two Stoned Birds Vendor Booth – UPDATED


Here is a sneak peak at our vendor booth we will be using for future events that require a tent.


NOV 19 – VICTORIA – The Great Art Scare Facebook Events Pg
NOV 20th – AUSTIN – Gypsy Market FB Events
DEC 3rd – VICTORIA – Holiday Market FB Event
DEC 4th – SAN ANTONIO – Coexist Festival @ San Antonio Airport Hilton
DEC 11th – AUSTIN – Coexist Festival @ Nature’s Treasures*

More coming soon

Check and like our pages…Along Your Path Facebook Pg
and  Two Stoned Birds Facebook Pg


A view of our tent for vending

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A Revolution of Consciousness

A 16min compilation of various clips relating to aspects of human and spiritual nature.
Bought to you by Educate-Inspire-Change – YouTube Channel – Facebook Pg

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I just love the name of this band. Check out their song below and well as their facebook page.

Supreme Beings of Leisure are an electronic/trip hop band from Los Angeles, California. Current members of SBL are singer/songwriter Geri Soriano-Lightwood and multi-instrumentalist/programmer Ramin Sakurai.Wikipedia
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bliss-goddess-logoFrom their Facebook Page:
Bliss Goddess music, visual art and temple dance is an alchemy of the ancient, future and eternal present. As sonic shamans, they blend live instruments and ethnic percussion with remixes of the hottest tracks from the best tribal dub and world electronic dance music artists. The music is brought to your eyes by projected visionary art and sacred geometry, while radiant Temple Dancers invoke and embody the Divine Feminine, leading the listener/dancer on a journey across exotic, lush landscapes.


I first discovered BLISS GODDESS earlier this year while doing a Soundcloud search for artists and bands that relate to spirituality in one form or another. I found a live recording of their Jan. 29th show in Austin earlier this year. Continue reading

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unitedasonemusicbeachfestThe Fifth Annual UNITED AS ONE Beach Cleanup and Music Festival will be going on Oct. 14-16th at Matagorda Beach, TX. Information on artists and performers can be found on their Facebook Page as well as their FB Events Page.  This event is a 3 Day, free event (except in buying a beach parking pass that goes towards the community). This is an all volunteer event with multiple stages with artists from across Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. This is a  Community Approved Texas Beach Festival.


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