Full Metal Meditation: Heavy Music for Your Next Spiritual Journey


Really cool article from 2010 on Heavy Metal Music and Consciousness

Originally posted on Flavorwire:

If you’re one of the many admirers who discovered Sunn O))) through last year’s galaxy-shaking Monoliths and Dimensions, then you understand the soothing effects of doom metal. As the band’s guitarist Greg Anderson told author and enthusiast John Wray in a 2006 New York Times Magazine profile, “I think low-frequency sound, when played above a certain volume, is very conducive to a meditative state or a trance.” This isn’t metal for headbanging; it’s metal to meditate to.

Although Anderson and his partner Stephen O’Malley have honed their brand of focused distortion to a therapeutic science, they’re far from the only metalheads employing extreme low-end rumblings for our metaphysical benefit. To aid you on your spiritual journey, we present this collection of notable releases from metal groups working to bring us closer to enlightenment through the heaviest of sounds. Namaste!

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Gray State – Director and Writer David Crowley found dead along with wife and daughter


Updates:From all indications, from posts from family and friends this was a Murder/Suicide. Speculation from various people still linger yet those close to the case have posted on various pages that financial trouble and worry brought this man and family down. I will still write a full article for the print issue concerning David, his family, and his documentary, which is available below. The full version might still be in the go. The movie probably wont. Many blessings to all involved.

Someone from the Gray State The Rise Facebook page doesn’t believe the roughcut version shouldnt have been posted…..

Hashtag used to bring awareness: #justiceforcrowley

Youtube Rough Cut Version Just released by therundownlive.com. Youtube Video Below

David Crowley, writer and director of Gray State, a fictional yet controversial movie depicting a second American Revolution after the advancement of a future Police State, was found dead in his home along with his wife and daughter in Apple Valley, MN Saturday Jan. 17th.  According to news (and here) authorities say it was an apparent murder/suicide and that the deaths may have happened around Christmas.

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New Shirt Design Listing – Buddha Sri Yantra Om Mani Padme Hum shirt


New Design Listing

Image: Buddha Sri Yantra Om Mani Padme Hum shirt

Size: 9″ Diam.
Ink(s): TAN

Image is of Buddha sitting in a meditation position transposed over the Sri Yantra design with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra along sides of theimage..

Available Sizes: Adult Small, Medium, Large & X-Large. Please leave note or message me after ordering on what size shirt you would like.

Available shirt colors: Black (this design will also be available in black in on various shirt colors. Message if interested.

Shirts are either Gildan or Jerzees Brand 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

Professionally screen printed No cheap heat transfer

Price: $9.00 Postage: $3.95
(additional shirts are $2.50/ea. p&h)

If your interested in getting this shirt in another color and/or the ink in another color please let me know and I will see what I can do.

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Fairs, Fests, Pow-Wows, Meetings, Events – South Texas Area

coexist_world_peace_ii_decal2015 List of Regional Fairs, Festivals, Pow-Wows and Meetings in South Texas Area – Mainly Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Victoria and Points in Between. More info and links will be provided in time.  UPDATED JAN 22, 2015

(Note: I tried my best to find updated info on all events listed below. If you know of any event that should be listed please contact at ayppub@yahoo.com)

Jan 17 – AUSTIN - Spirit Of All That Is Holistic Healing Arts Fair
Jan 17 – SPRING (NE HOUSTON) – Broom & Brew Interfaith and Pagan Group Meet and Greet
Jan 18 – SAN ANTONIO – Wholistic Festival
Jan 31 – VICTORIA – Imbolc Celebration
Jan 31 – HOUSTON – Copperfield CUUPs Imbolc Gathering, open circle.

Feb 1 – PORTER (HOUSTON) Broom & Brew Imbolc
Feb 1 – AUSTIN – World Peace Prayer Meeting – SGA USA Austin Buddhist Center
Feb 6 – NEW BRAUNFELS – Community Imbolc
Feb 7 – HOUSTON – Marva’s Psychic & Holistic Fairs
Feb 7 – HOUSTON – Spirit Quest Psychic and Holistic Fair
Feb 7 – HOUSTON – Shraddhanjali (Tribute) to Mahatma Ghandi
Feb 8 – HOUSTON – Interfaith and Pagan Afternoon Tea & Spirit Drum every 2nd Sun ea. month
Feb 8 – HOUSTON – Red Tent Circle of Sisters Imbolc Ritual
Feb 7-8 – AUSTIN – Spiritual Life – Holistic Life Fair
Feb 14 – AUSTIN – Spirit Of All That Is Holistic Healing Arts Fair
Feb 15 – SAN ANTONIO – Wholistic Festival
Feb 18 – HOUSTON – Chinese New Year Prayer and Peace Lantern Festival
Feb 19 -AUSTIN – Shambhala Day Celebration – Year of the Wood Sheep
Feb 22 – HOUSTON – February Meet & Greet – NE Houston Broom and Brew
Feb 26  HOUSTON – Wicca 101 Class
Feb 7-March29 – AUSTIN – Sherwood Forest Faire

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Physicists, alchemists, and ayahuasca shamans: A study of grammar and the body

Originally posted on Cultural Admixtures:

Are there any common denominators that may underlie the practices of leading physicists and scientists, Renaissance alchemists, and indigenous Amazonian ayahuasca healers? There are obviously a myriad of things that these practices do not have in common. Yet through an analysis of the body and the senses and styles of grammar and social practice, these seemingly very different modes of existence may be triangulated to reveal a curious set of logics at play. Ways in which practitioners identify their subjectivities (or ‘self’) with nonhuman entities and ‘natural’ processes are detailed in the three contexts. A logic of identification illustrates similarities, and also differences, in the practices of advanced physics, Renaissance alchemy, and ayahuasca healing.

Physics and the “I” and “You” of experimentation


A small group of physicists at a leading American university in the early 1990s are investigating magnetic temporality and atomic spins in a crystalline lattice; undertaking experiments within the field of condensed matter physics. The scientists collaborate together…

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Film Review – I, ORIGINS Movie (2014)

ioriginsmovieA beautiful, poetic envision of life. Of love. Views of what we seek in the infinite. A scientist and a free spirit find each of at a party and hook-up only to lose each other. After seeking to find the woman of that night and after following the signs that are presented to him, specifically the reoccurring number 11, fate leads him to find her, specifically again, when he looks in a window that has an infinity symbol drawn on it, and sees her reflection. This brings them together and the harmonious flight of love takes shape. Continue reading

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Five Heavy Metal Songs That Made Me Realize the Reality of Death.

Yeah, I’m one of those long haired Metal-head types that grew up listening to aggressive music, getting into the mosh pit at concerts, stage diving into crowds, and a bit of headbanging at times. One thing that drew me to Heavy Metal was the depth of some of the lyrics in some of the bands I listened to. I contribute music in being one of the main vehicles that made me question the reality of life as well as death. Below is a small list of songs that made me open up to the understanding of the last aspect of life….Death. Continue reading

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